About the Review

The Bristol Policy Review is a new publication sponsored by the School for Policy Studies. It aims to provide an official platform for students and faculty members to have their commentary published, on a policy area of their interest. Submissions to the Review are currently open to students and members from across the Faculty of Social Science and Law, and in some cases external writers. 

Winter and Summer will be published in line with the academic semesters, and will be available both in print and online.


Articles must be of a sufficiently high-quality to be published, though the most important criterion is an analytical short piece of writing that fully and originally engages with the selected policy area. Quality of English must be of a good standard, although in the interest of widening participation (from international students etc) some leeway is given and editing/review will be undertaken by the team of Editors. Articles can be from 800-2000 words.

The Team

The Team of Editors will be responsible for organising the review, contributing their own work, and disseminating information. The team will be updated annually, to provide a rolling workforce for the publication. The team and the publication will be supported and supervised by the Head of the School for Policy Studies.

More information regarding participation, the Team, or published issues can be received by contacting the current team directly via this website.

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